Our tasty, lavish & affordable Jihva fine cuisine MENU

All you can eat lavish lunch buffet only Rs 225/- for limited time! Regular price Rs 299/-

  • Salads & Soups

    Fantastic salads and Indian soups

  • Tandoor & Tawa

    Tandoor & Tawa cover both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tandoors made in traditional Indian style

  • Curries

    Curries cover both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. Wide variety of south indian & north indian style curries with tantalizing aromatic tastes well balanced to bring out the best of curry

  • Biryani

    Hyderabad biryani is most popular in the world and Jihva makes it so that it remains the best in the world. Our chefs are experts in making true traditional biryanis and for the ones to explore new ones that you would see no where in the city

  • Chinese Soups

    Soups of China covers Chinese style soups from sweet corn, wonton to manchurian style.

  • Chinese

    Flavours of China covers Chinese, Szechuan, Thai & Vietnamese dishes. Dishes like Thai chicken, Chinese dimsum and many more found at Jihva are hard to find anywhere in Hyderabad

  • Noodles

    Noodles & Rice covers Chinese and Thai style noodle dishes. Noodles and rice play well without dominating one another and bringing out the taste of the soup broth.

  • Deserts

    Sweet & Tempting covers both traditional and modern deserts. All the way from traditional style Khubani Ka Meetha, Shahi Tukda to Italian style Tiramasus cover this mix.